A Play by Tiffany

Performance: February, 2002
Youth Guidance Center, San Francisco

Time: 9pm
Place: In the Cuts, the jungle.  There are trees all around, bugs, swings for animals and our babies.  You can hear babies yellin’, havin’ a good time, waterfalls, the birds.  You can feel babies pinchable cheeks.
At Rise: We see Sam the tall tree and Danielle the oak tree.  They are having a conversation.  Danielle is smoking a branch cigarette.  She is posted. 



How are things? Are things OK? Baby it’s cool if you wanna go, just go, cause I ain’t trippin’.

Danielle: You is very mad cause I can see it in your face. I can see it in your eyes, babe, that you way mad at me. I can see. I can see what you can’t see.
Sam: What can you see that I can’t see?
Danielle: I can see evil in you eyes. I see a different side in you.
You don’t want me to leave. I love you, but I have to go on from here. I can tell you wanna be with me. I can tell you wanna make history. I can tell you tryin’ to be my husband, and we have a baby; but it’s nothin’. Can you feel me? 
I wanna leave and see things.  It’s part of me. I’m trapped in my world. I’m tired of feelin lost and confused. I’m tired of seein’ the same things everyday. I’ve heard so much about the world and I wanna see it. I been in the same place my whole life.  Come with me. Even if you don’t wanna come with me, I’m leaving.
Sam: ‘Bye.
Danielle:   Why are you so uncooperative towars me and my son? We’re tryin to really have it all. We’re tryin to see the world and view the world, see other people, be more responsible towards life period. Take our time and be more consitrated on our lives.  I wanna take advantage of my life, to go make what we got mean something. Let’s be happy, relaxed, joyful. I’m tryin to see what you wants to do. Why are you acting this way. Why must you be so cruel? You’re not trying to help me or be there for me through thick and thin. I’m tryin to see it all. We’re soul mates. We in love. I want you to be there for me, help me, stand by my side through it all. I want the both of us to be happy, but you refuse to take that step. Why is it so hard for you to understand me, baby? Why is it so hard for you to be my man and for you to be my girl and for us to have a family? Our love has to be here. We have to focus on our baby. Baby why it gotta be so hard for you to understand that we are both one. 
Sam:   You know I feel you baby. I really understand you.It’s time to take things one step at a time, just go one step at a time. Baby, listen here, if we can’t agree on nothing let’s talk. Let’s be about the situation and start talking.

I’m leaving.
Come on baby, come on baby, don’t even come on like this. I wanna see things nobody else seen and if you don’t want to, then hey! I wanna see things. 
The baby’s coming with me and if you can’t deal with it, hey! I don’t know what to say to you anymore. It’s hard for me to talk to you because you’re not listening. it’s in one ear and out the other.

Sam:   Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. We can’t do it like this. You ain’t goin nowhere. We can’t do it like this…we gotta…feel me?  You ain’t goin’ nowhere with my baby.  You stayin here
You ain’t goin’ nowhere. Just sit down, relax. Take a breather. Let’s talk about this. 
Danielle:   Baby, you sit down. Don’t talk to me like that. Now you gettin’ too demanding.  What I tell you? I told you to sit down.
Sam:   Awright. Let’s go.