By Mike L.

Performance: March 2005
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Characters: Socks, the cat and her best friend Snowball, the cat.
Time: A sunny afternoon
Place: Socks’s back yard.
At rise: Bright warm breezy air. Tall green grass, twice the height of socks and
Snowball. Socks is sitting in the plum tree waiting for birds. The plum tree is 12’
with lots of green leaves and juicy, plump, purple plums. Snowball enters Sock’s yard through a hole in the fence.


Hey, Socks. (yells) Come down here.


Snowball, is that you? What are you doing outside?


I attacked my owner because I’m sick and tired of being trapped in that
boring house. I felt like a prisoner in there.


That was a stupid thing to do. Now, where are you supposed to go?


I want your territory because I envy you. You always look so happy in your beautiful yard. You have the only plum tree with the smell of sweet, fresh plums and honey from a beehive.

Socks: Why would you want what I have? I don’t have enough food in my yard. The birds do not come any more. When you look at me I might look happy because of where I live but inside I’m dying.
Snowball: What do you mean? You’re not dying.

Yes, I am dying. I’m dying of hunger. I feel my heart is beating at a slower rate and I feel my stomach is constantly hurting because it is empty. I’m not as fast as I used to be. I feel scared before I go to sleep because I might not wake up. My life will not be fulfilled if I fall asleep some day and don’t wake up. If this happens I will miss out in my future. I want kittens, and I want grand kittens. I want to explore farther than my yard, and my neighborhood.

Snowball: Well then, why don’t you eat the plums on the tree so you won’t be hungry?
Socks: I’m allergic to plums and even if I could eat plums they would not last because they grow once a year. (a couple seconds of silence) Hey Snowball, you know that magical wish you were born with?
Snowball: Yeah, what about it?
Socks: Well, I’ve been thinking and this might sound crazy but I think that if you give me that wish, I could wish to fly so I can chase my meals when they fly away. And then it will be easier for me to eat more and get healthy again.
Snowball: You want my wish?
Socks: Yeah

But that’s my only wish. I’m saving it for the most perfect wish I can think of.

Socks: Snowball, how could you even say that? I thought we were best friends. Please, please Snowball. You don’t understand I’m really hurting inside. My stomach is aching right now. Can’t you hear it roar?
Snowball: I’m really sorry Socks. I can’t just waste my wish like that.

Waste, waste? How could you even say that? We’ve been best friends for seven months. That’s pretty much my whole life. Friends are always there for each other. I feel unwanted, and crushed and as if 1,000 needles were shooting into my heart.


Socks, I do care for you. You are my best friend. Now, knowing that you are dying I am upset because we are so close. But since I attacked my owner I could lose my freedom. I want to be free so I can make my own choices
and live my own life. There’s a whole world out there. If I were on the outside I could run as far as I want, eat whatever I want, and do whatever I want. I would like to play and roll in the grass, chase birds and mice and climb trees. I would feel fulfilled and relieved. I can’t go back. So if you won’t give up your territory I will have no place to stay that will make me happy. My owner might take me to the pound and put me to sleep. I could lose my life.

Socks: I understand why you want to be free. You are my best friend and I want to help you but in order for me to help you, you need to help me.

You mean like a bargain?


Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean.

Snowball: I guess we could make a trade.
Socks: All right, you want my territory, right?
Snowball: Yeah, exactly.
Socks: And I need your wish so I can live.
Snowball: But this wish is a once in a lifetime thing.
Socks: Snowball, do you want to live in my backyard or not? Do you want to live in my backyard or do you want to go back to your owner?
Snowball: I want your yard.
Socks: No, you can’t have my yard but we can share it and you give me your wish so I can live.
Snowball: I never thought I would say this but O.K. It’s a deal.
(Socks and Snowball shake paws.)
  (Five months later, Socks is in perfect health with the ability to fly, sharing her back yard with Snowball. Socks and Snowball decided to be more than friends and to have kittens together.)
    The End.