A Play by Robert Carlos

Performance: November, 2002
Gateway School, San Mateo

Time:6:00 PM. It’s summer.
Habitat: A jungle, it’s dark, we hear animals fighting, wind pushing the
leaves of the trees, trees falling. We smell dead animals, we hear
hunters walking around in the darkness.
At Rise: Tommy the tiger and his brother George are tired, trying to
catch the air.



Let’s go home.

Tommy: You didn’t saw what just happened? We got chased by hunters. We got close to becoming sweaters.
George: I’m not talking about that house, I’m talking about Mom’s house.
Tommy: We left. How are we gonna go back if we just left home? Mom can kick us out she’s gonna be mad at us and we’re probably gonna walk all the way over there and she won’t be there.
George: Come on let’s leave.
Tommy: No.
George: Come on we probably still have a chance for making it back home and making Mom happy. Plus, if we stay here we’ll probably get killed like you say we’ll be sweaters.

Anything, but I ain’t goin’back home.

George: Come on it’s getting late let’s go.
Tommy: Whatever you say I ain’t gonna go. Cause I left home and I don’t wanna go back cause I think it’s still gonna be the same.
George: Fine, I got tired of beggin’you already so I’ll just go alone.
(George leaves.)
Tommy: (Tommy didn’t think George would leave. He starts thinking about what
happens if he just stays there.)

I feel like I’m all alone. I never thought he was gonna leave me alone. At least he left me alone. He finally made a decision that I wanted. I can do whatever I want. Before I always used to do what he told me to do. One thing it was good one thing it was bad. I left home to get respect. By leaving I don’t have to worry about people not respecting me. My family were treating cousins better, brothers better. My parents used to punish me for things they used to do. They never blamed stuff on them. They used to treat them better in a lot of things. I felt mad I started swearing and I just left home because I think they don’t care for me. Instead of yelling to me they should talk. They should give me a little freedom – not always tellin’me what to do. Now, when I left I found my brother and I thought he wasn’t going to be treatin’me like back at home. I was mad at George cause I thought it was gonna be different instead of problems I thought we would have fun. Even though I listen to him he still left me. I feel mad cause I would never do something like this to him.
George: (Thinking to hisself)
If I get home I know my mom is gonna tell me my lil’brother left too and I’ll tell her I know, I just left him – and she’s gonna get mad again for leaving him back. I want to go back home with my brother so the whole family can be together. I feel sad – the other animals have whole families. To see families in parks I get mad and sad cause I don’t know what to do about it. I get sad cause I can’t be with my family and do what a family’s supposed to be doing. We should be taking more care of each other respecting each other. I miss my mom because she talks to us like when we’re fighting with each other she stops us. She plays with us and takes care of us. We got to take care of ourselves and I want Mom to do it. We got to worry about a lot of
stuff: Starving and getting hunted. I’m afraid she ain’t gonna like, receive us no more because we left her. We been gone a couple of months. I’m happy cause Tommy and I found each other cause he’s some part of family. I didn’t want Tommy to leave home. I wasn’t sure I could take care of myself and taking care of two tigers is even harder. If we get hunted it’s better to lose one tiger instead of two.
(George goes back to Tommy.)
Tommy go home, everything’s gonna be different now. I’ll make sure Mom and Dad understand to respect us two the same.
Tommy: I don’t wanna go. What makes you so sure Mom and Dad are gonna listen to you?
George: If they don’t respect you I’ll make sure I do. Plus if you don’t like the way they respect you now, you can always leave again.
Tommy: I think things are still gonna be the same cause if they didn’t respect me for a long time why should they respect me now?
George: If they don’t respect you the same we can leave together. If you don’t wanna go you can stay here, but that would be dumb cause you’d rather die than try to fix things at home.
Tommy: (To himself)
It’s not worth it to go back home. There could be a lot of issues again.
(To George)
Oh well, there’s no other choice I can do.
George: So what, you gonna stay here then? So next time I go to the city I can see you, a lady wearin’you.

You got a point. How about you stay here with me?


So what, so we both can become sweaters?


If we stay we can like, try to lose the hunters for a while and later on find them sleeping. We can grab their guns and hide them so they can’t find them no more. The next morning when they see us they can’t do nothing – they can just run. Last time I did it, it worked. And then we never got bothered by the same hunters again. But last time it was just one hunter, and right now it could be even more dangerous because there’s two.

George: If we stay we got a 50/50 chance to live. If you go back home, we don’t got
to worry about dying and stuff.
Tommy: (To himself)
I’m not sure about that 50/50, but I’m sure that if I go back home I don’t have to worry about nothin’. But if I go back, they ain’t gonna be able to respect me all the time. Oh well. There’s gotta be a day that all this has to change. One day I will want to make my own family.
(To George)
George, you have a point. Let’s go before we become a rug, or a sweater, or anything people make out of animals these days.
George: That’s what I thought you’d do.
(Tommy looks at George for a while. Both smile. They start to walk
Tommy: That’s what I thought you’d do.
(Tommy looks at George for a while. Both smile. They start to walk
    The End.