Performance: March 2005
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Character 1: DP the Pit-bull. He is 3 years old (Dog Years)
Character 2: Fruity the Poodle. He is 1 year old (Dog Years)
Setting: Fruity’s front yard. 3pm Friday afternoon during spring
At Rise: DP is limping down the street and sees Fruity in his front yard


(ASIDE)I woked up one morning and thought to myself I have to move on because I can’t take it anymore with Bobby not feeding me and just want to move on to a house that cares for me. I’m tired of living this life sleeping out on the dirt every night and I wish I just slept in a bed that’s clean and warm. One day I might just go and tear up somebody’s trash out in front of their yard or do some other dumb stuff and hopefully I’ll get caught by the dog pound and if I do get caught I’m looking forward for somebody to come by and buy me out of the dog pound and maybe going to my new home and hopefully I’ll get treated like my best friends. Maybe if I tell Fruity he would probably try and stop me because if I tell him I know he’s going to tell me not to do it because going and destroying other peoples property is not what he lives for. If I tell Fruity the reason why I want to do that he would probably say “what the hell you thinking, you’re living the dogs life”. I also don’t know why Fruity wants to be me and he doesn’t even know I barley get fed once a day and maybe twice a day. Not only that sometimes I get beaten by my owner if I don’t do what I have to do and Fruity don’t know that I’m living an abused life not a dogs life.


(ASIDE) if I had a choice of living in my house or becoming a street dog I would rather live the dog’s life which is on the streets or somewhere outside of my house. I’m tired of waking up every morning and getting brushed by my owner. He thinks I like it but it’s really annoying. I mean this food is good but there trying too hard to treat me like if I was their son but they don’t realize that I’m a dog I should be outside in my dog house in the backyard. If I had a chance of moving on to a different like I would run away and stay with DP in his wild dog like house. But what’s holding me back is the love that my owners give me. If I do run away I would miss my bedtime stories and If I do decide to run away to DP’s house he would probably tell me “This is not the place for you to live in” DP probably wouldn’t let me live with him because he would say that “you’re just a little kid and you can’t handle this wild life”. I think that the life DP’s living is cool but in other words I think there’s more bad things to it and that’s why he doesn’t want me to live the way he does because I think he’s getting treated bad in a physically way. But other than that I still would rather live the life that he lives and hopefully I don’t get the same treatment he does.

F: Hey dude wussup

You know I’m just tired of Bobby abusing me this way


(Yelling) Abusing

DP: Yeah Bobby abuses me a lot but I just don’t tell you guys about it.
F: It looks like he’s beaten you bad this time

Yeah he’s beaten me bad

F: Are you okay?
DP: No I’m not
F: Well what are you gonna do?
DP: I’m gonna make a run for it
F: A run for it? Where you gonna run to?
DP: I’m just going to do something stupid on the street so I get caught by the pound
F: How is you gonna get caught by the pound?

I just seen it for the first time drove by and I don’t know if I’m going to see it again.

F: What do you mean see it again?
DP: I mean I have 15 minutes till it comes back around

No I think you shouldn’t go because if you go who would I look up to?


All you gotta do is keep your head up and do what you normally do but just without me,


But I can’t go throughout a day with out playing with you it’s hard for me to not think about you because I’ve known you since I was born we’ve also been through a lot and your the family I got rather the people that take care of me because were dogs. You feel me dog?


Fruity I know what you’re going through right now but you just don’t know what I go through.

F: What do you go through?
DP: Every day that I’ve lived on this junkyard I get fed once maybe twice a day. I don’t feel comfortable sleeping on the dirt every night and to top it off I physically get abused by Bobby. I feel like it really hurts me inside because all I want and all I’m asking for is care and love and sometimes I get jealous when I see you getting all the love and care that you get and sometimes I sit back and wish that I was in your position.
F: Wow. I’m shocked. From what I think of you all this time I though that you was just a big bad Pit-bull from the junkyard but I just found out that your not the person I thought you was. And what’s weird about this whole situation, we both want each others lifestyle.
DP: Well I have to make my decision right now because the truck finna come around in a few minutes.
F: Well if you leave I guess it’s on you but all I can do to make you stay is if you were my bestest friend and our relationship means a lot to you what would you do? Go or stay with me?
DP: OUR relationship means a lot to me but if I stay the hungriness and abuse will continue on and I feel like I don’t deserve to be mistreated in any way.
    The End.