By: Tommy





            TWIRLY, the Tsunami – 18 Winters old

            CRACKY, the Earthquake – 17 Winters old, younger brother



It’s cloudy out and it’s starting to rain. TWIRLY can sense his mother, Katrina the Hurricane, and his sister, Spinny the Tornado, ready to start trouble.




Splash! I, Twirly the Tsunami, have a problem. I been stuck in this stupid salt water in the Pacific Ocean for 18 winters. I have a plan to get my family back together. The god damn problem is that my mom, little bother, and big sister are spread out. I am getting irritated seeing all this left over trash on my sand. We have been separated for so long and I would be ecstatic if I can bring us back together.



Roar!!! I gotta pretty big god damn problem. I been trapped under this ground in the East Coast for a couple months now. I ain’t seen my brother Twirly in a minute. I hope he alright. I’m tired of being here. I wanna turn myself into the wind so I can go wherever I want to experience new things.



Mom had to go away for something important. Cracky was causing trouble in the streets. And Spinny is running wild cause she want her mama back. This is so stressful because we don’t feel complete without each other. All of us have a task to complete but together we are so strong.



I talked to my mom and she told me my brother is trying to bring my family back together. As much as I would like to be with my family, I also feel like I want to be on my own right now. I understand what my brother wants and I know he needs my help. He feels that when I’m with him, he is very powerful. The earth is provoking me to make a large magnitude quake because they keep drilling and putting heavy buildings on top of me. This is making me furious



My brother on the other hand is out of control and wanna do what he wanna do. I am surprised because usually he takes my advice and he’s supportive in what I do. Vice-versa. It’s not that I don’t want him to explore the world and be free, cause it’s his life. But moms always said, “family first.”


I don’t wanna take my anger out killing the innocent people out here. Look, I already shook thangs up in San Francisco and killed about 70,000 people in China. And a year after that, me and my brother killed 200,000 people in Sicily together. So I know the outcome when me and my brother are together. That’s why I don’t wanna go back with my family and back to my old ways. However, I do need to shake things up a little so I can be the wing. Being the wind would make me feel happy and would allow me to see everything that’s going on. Instead of being down here, trapped and bored.