By Larry B



Grimey, the Gorilla, 17 years old. Grimey is serious, loves what he do

Felicia, the Fruitcake, 18 years old. Felicia is loveable, she cool as a best friend

TIME: 3 o’clock in the afternoon

SETTING: San Francisco. The Avenues and HP (Hunters Point).

AT RISE: Grimey is at home in his room.



I have this problem. Felicia the Fruitcake is always in the way. She stops me from going to practice. She always telling me to go with her and her friends. I sometimes go. She’s always blowing up my phone when I’m walking to practice. She always telling her friends to come get me. Her looks disturb me in class. She looks at me freaky deaky like “Okay, Okay” – She wants some attention so I go sit by her, say

“Wassup! Wassup!” But clas is important in order to make it to where I need to make it to. Football practice is important because I want to go to NFL. A man is supposed to do what a man is supposed to do. Get his family up out the hood. Because my family needs a life and not worry about me – just watch me on T.V. We’ve been best friends since elementary – we go way back! We met at school in class. I was the new gorilla at school. We started talking and she asked me for my digits. We talked on the phone for hella hours. We talked about school, personal stuff, what I liked to do, what she liked to do. Felicia thought I was funny gorilla because my eyes were red, and I told Felicia, “My eyes maybe red, but you are bright as the sunlight.” We kicked it a few times. She called my phone at a certain time she’d never call my phone at –

(Phone call)


Wassup with you? I got something to ask –


What’s that?


I like you! Do you like me?


You’re just gonna have to find out.

(Hang up)


I felt real cool after that conversation. I was like “Okay, okay, she’s feeling a kid” – I’ll be happy when I make it to the NFL. But I’ll be lightweight upset, I want to take Felicia with me. It’s the NFL or her. I could bring her with me, or I could marry her and make a family with her and just think about the NFL afterwards. It’s 100% chance I could be with her, but it’s not 100% chance I could make it to the NFL. I could watch it on T.V. It not like I’m missing it – all I’m missing is NFL rings, more money – I’m waiting for her to make her movement. But she already told me. But that’s not good enough for my head. She gotta prove it to me.


Where’s my man at? Where? I like him so much and he’s my best friend. I want him around all the time. I want a family with him. I want him to go to NFL because that would make us more money, but I want him around all the time. I called him “Pooh” and told him how I

felt and his answer, “You’re gonna have to find out!” I do what a best friend do, I pay for his football gear, I make sure he’s happy. And he says, “You’re gonna have to find out.” I’m gonna find out. I’m gonna push my issue tomorrow. Before he take his mean ass to football practice, then I’m push him so hard he probably goin’ to forget about football practice. How ‘bout that? Ha, ha, ha! Told you I was gonna have him forever and ever! I’m gonna look good for him. I’m gonna do my hair, do my nails, I’m gonna look like someone he have not seen before. And that’s cool! He’s cute, fly, smart and he ain’t no dummy. And he serious about his life. And I need a serious male in my life. All these other boys I been talkin’ to, they just ratchet and they think they all that. And I always liked him since day 1 – I just didn’t know how to tell him til now –

(Grimey is at home doing his homework, studying his football plays, getting ready to eat some food, have dinner.)

(His best friend sends him a message)

FELICIA (text)

“Good night”

GRIMEY (text)

‘Good night BF”

(GRIMEY goes to his room, eats dinner, then goes on Instagram, then gets in bed, goes to sleep, wait for the next morning.

Morning – Grimey gets up, brush his teeth, put in his gold grills, put on his diamond earrings, put on his backpack.)

(On the way to school)


I go to school – I forgot! I was supposed to be talking to Felicia today – Now I’m gonna see her in class. I gotta talk to her after class – tell her what I mean by “You gonna find out” –

(He’s at school in the classroom.)

Wassup? You thought about what I said last night on the phone?


Yeah, yeah! I think I know what you’re talking about but I’m not sure –


I was meaning on the phone last night – I was saying on the phone last night – I wanna be your boyfriend, but I got this football stuff going on –


OK, I’ll help you with this football stuff –


You sure? You sure?

(teacher Shushes Grimey)


Yeah – I like football anyway – I’ll be your little cheerleader –