by Aaron J.


AJ, aka Apple Juice, aka AJ da Juice Man.  20 oz. bottle.  He is five days old.

Gwap, aka Bandz, Money.  AJ’s brother.  He is seven days old.

Setting:  The liquor store.

Character Profile #1:  AJ

Name:  AJ, aka Apple Juice.  20 oz. bottle

Age:  Five days old, came out “fresh” from the factory.

Habitat:  AJ is in the cold refrigerator behind the counter.

·         Sees:  AJ is on the top shelf in the refrigerator, and he sees people, he sees candy, and he sees the cashier, and he can see other bottles of juice and soda beside him.  AJ can see his brother in the safe [on the floor].

·         Feels:  AJ feels another apple juice behind him.  AJ is on a fresh, 42-degree metal shelf, and he feels he is a refreshing drink.  

·         Hears:  AJ can hear the door open, people’s footsteps, the ‘ding-ding’ signal by the front door, and he can hear the coins clinging together.

Family:           Bandz is money in the safe, and he is AJ’s little brother.  He’s brand new.

Brenda is a milk chocolate candy bar, and is fifteen days old.  [She is AJ and    Bandz’ mom.]

Closest Relationship:  AJ’s closest relationship is his brother Bandz, because AJ is Bandz best friend ever since they were little.

Objective:  AJ wants more than anything to be with his little brother.

Motivation:  Bandz is the last person AJ got when AJ’s mom goes away.  AJ is going to feel loving, caring and excited when he sees his little brother.  AJ is locked up in the refrigerator, and can’t escape.

Greatest fear:  AJ is scared that someone will buy him, and drink him till he is gone.

Character Profile #2:  Gwap, aka Bandz, the money

Name:  Gwap, aka Bandz, the money. Gwap is money.  Lots of it, and brand new out of the factory.

Age:  Seven days old

Habitat:  Gwap is living in a safe on the floor in the liquor store, behind the counter.

·         Sees:  Gwap can see candy and his mom, [through] the small, sliding door, and he sees darkness, and his own money.

·         Feels:  Gwap can feel his money, the soft bills he lays on, and he can feel the cold safe.

·         Hears:  Gwap (Bandz) hears the safe open all the time, and he can hear the cash register go ‘ding!’ Plus, he can’t hear much unless he opens his little door.

Family:     Gwap’s/Bandz’ friends – that are alcohol, and tell him [that] they are family.   AJ is a part of his family,and AJ’s mom, the milk chocolate bar.

Closest Relationship:  Bandz’ closest relationship is AJ, the 20 oz. bottle of apple juice.

Objective:  Gwap’s objective is to be with  his family as much as possible, because he does not want nothing [bad] to happen.

Motivation: [He] wants [AJ] to do good in [his] life.  That will make [Gwap] happy, excited, and not worried.

Fear:  Gwap’s greatest fear is to lose AJ and mom.

Secret:   Gwap’s secret is that the cashier will take Gwap/Bandz, AJ, and [their] mom [that day.]  But Gwap won’t tell his brother yet.

Conflict:  Gwap/Bandz is worried that AJ will break out of the refrigerator, and not be able to be [with] his brother or his mom.


Backstory: AJ, da Juice Man, wants to break out of the refrigerator glass.  AJ wants to take mom, and Gwap, and be at San Francisco, and Gwap is going to buy an automatic refrigerator.


Urgency:  AJ is in the front row of the shelf in the refrigerator, and if he does not be able to be with his family, he will get bought and taken to the pin, to get drunken. 

MONOLOGUE – AJ, da Juice Man

I have a problem . . . I am AJ, da Juice Man, in a 20 oz. Apple Juice bottle.  I am in the top row on the cold, 42-degree shelf, and I can’t move.  I can only see the front, and the sides of myself.  I want to be with my brother, Gwap, and my mom, the chocolate candy bar.  I can see my brother in the safe, and my mom on the counter, near the cashier.  I want to break out of the refrigerator glass, and take my mom and my brother to S.F. [San Francisco], and be with them forever as much as I can.  I hate it when my brother hangs with his friends, but they are like family to me, and him, and I respect that!  But I am just worried if I break out – will I get caught up – or will I be free.  And I still want to break out in order to be with my family.  Plus I have been [here] for five days, that’s too long, and I never felt like this since day one.  And I feel stuck.  What should I do about this . . . 

MONOLOGUE – Gwap, aka Bandz, the money

I have a problem . . . I am Gwap, and I hear my brother AJ, da Juice Man,  is trying to break out of the glass refrigerator, and I am worried he will get caught, and not see me or my  mom, the Chocolate Candy bar.  What I do want, is to be with both of them, but in the right way, not the wrong way.  I got a secret . . .  I am goingto be with my brother, and my mom, because  the cashier at the counter is going to take all three of us and its going to be a surprise for him [AJ].  But I’m also worried that my brother will still break out of here, and get drunken, and go to the pin.  Plus, I can see him hit his head on the glass . . .