(Monologue Performance)


By Charlie T.


Character Profile #1


Name: Entei The Lion


Age: 22 Years Old


Habitat: The Jungle. He sees animals disappearing. He hears animals dying. He touches the squishy blood he walks over. He tastes the moist air. He smells the bitter odor of other dead animals.


Family: Hate the Jaguar; Dead Brother, White the Snow Leopard; Mother


Closest Relationship: White the Snow Leopard because she’s been there since birth to take care of him and feed him.


Objective: To Rule the Jungle


Motivation.:He wants to rule the jungle because there is a bad ruler ruling the jungle with bad intentions. He’s killing other animals to feed off of and He killed Entei’s Brother. Entei wants to change all that because he wants less animals to die and to make a better environment.


Greatest Fear: Having to fight the ruler of the jungle to the death. He’s scared to die. If he dies the environment will stay the same and the land will dry up.


Entei’s Monologue

I feel like my mother is keeping me from fighting Zekrom the Jungle King. It’s a problem because she’ll hate to see another son gone. My brother went to go fight Zekrom the Jungle King and he lost because the king played dirty tricks. Like throwing dirt in his eyes and getting his friends to help him because he was losing. I feel aggravated that he cheated my brother… I want to rule the jungle. It’s important to because I want to bring my brother’s honor back to him. I also want my environment around me to look better. A lot of animals are dying and animals around here are starting to disappear. I feel it needs to change…But my mother keeps telling me to stop. She doesn’t want to lose another son. It makes me feel that my mother is putting me down. Like I’m going to lose or something. My fear is if I lose, I’ve lost my brother’s honor and I might die. I must talk my mother into letting me go fight but when I talk to her…This talks gotta be very deep…She could let me fight!

Character Profile #2

Name: White the Snow Leopard. Entei’s Mom.


Age:36 years


Habitat: The Jungle. We see Entei Growing up. We see agitated animals. We smell herbs and blood being shed. We can touch the dry land and the tree leaves dying. We taste sour air and rotten blood. We hear overwhelmed animals and trees crashing to the ground.


Family: Entei The Lion; Youngest son. Hate the Jaguar; Dead son.


Closest Relationship: Entei the Lion because he’s the baby of the family and her only son left.


Objective: To protect her child from danger as he grows up. She wants to find a water source of her own someday.


Motivation: She wants full control over a water source and land to have a full tummy for her and her son.


Greatest Fear: For her Entei to go and fight the Jungle King. She’s already lost one son this way.


White’s Monologue

I feel like my son Entei has lost his mind because he wants to go fight Zekrom The Jungle King. I already lost my son Hate The Jaguar before my eyes. I feel furious about my son’s death. I feel like my son got cheated into battle with Zekrom the King. I feel awkward that my youngest son wants to go fight. The only reason I prevent him from fighting is because I feel Like Zekroms going to cheat his way again if he’s losing. I want to prevent Entei from fighting because I don’t want to lose my second son. If Entei does not go I want him to help me seek a new land with it’s own water source and a lot of food. I see the environment going dry. The lake’s drying up. Trees dying, plants falling down, animals dying. I feel like I can do better for my son Entei. He’s been ignoring me for a while now after his brothers death. I’m gonna try to stop Entei by acting out of love for his protection…