A Play by Aaron Cheng

Performance: November, 2002
Gateway School, San Mateo

The characters are Sleepy the ZZ who is a DJ (A ZZ is – in comic books, when a person is sleeping, the comic book writer writes Z’s in a bubbly coming from the sleeping guy’s mouth.) & DJ the turntable.
Sleepy’s real name is Joe & he got his nickname from his parents because he always sleeps.

Place:Sleepy the ZZ’s house which is a cloud is very nice & comfy, white & puffy. The morning sun always shines on him.
At Rise: DJ the Turntable stands in front of Sleepy’s ladder and the bright light shines on everybody. DJ is climbing up the ladder & he looks depressed. He wakes up Sleepy with his music.



What’s up, DJ, you look depressed?


Sleepy, I have to tell you something very important. I have to leave you.
(He runs out the door, slides down the ladder, & runs away.)

Sleepy: (Confused) What the…?
(He lies back down & tried to keep himself awake.)
DJ, my only hope cause he’s the music that I hear to keep me awake because nothing else will. I am burdened with this curse. DJ is my only cure for my curse, but he disowned me & betrayed me. And my fear, to never wake, that I think it shall happen. And to wake up every day & live a normal life is going to be hard without him because he has turned evil. I’m confused. I’m flustered because I don’t know why. Is it my fault? What did I do? Why, oh, why me? Oh, how I will try to get him back, but it is going to be so hard & I am still worried about him.

Scene II
At Rise: We see DJ running toward a town called Fenberry.


Oh, how I am so afraid of myself right now because my best friend vinyl has passed away. Now I am lonely & afraid even though I have one close friend left, he can not support me & play the music. I am rusty & getting old, so I left him to find new friends & to find a new family. So now I can’t play any music because vinyl is gone.
(He goes over to a music shop called The Shops of Music. DJ looks for others who can play music. DJ hears this very good music playing & he thinks to himself.)
Who is playing that music? I should ask him if he wants to play with me.
(He runs over there & he sees that is was Sleepy playing that music.)
Is that you, Sleepy? I didn’t know you were a DJ. How come you never told me that you were a DJ?

Sleepy: Because you never asked me & I fell asleep a lot & it was hard for me to do things like that.
DJ: Well, if I knew that you could’ve played all along, I wouldn’t have ran away from you. And how did you get here without me?

I found myself a cure to wake myself up for a few messily hours, but I came after you because I still care about you, but I’m mad at you for just leaving me like that & telling me nothing.

DJ: But how can you wake up without me?
Sleepy: My Dad gave me some coffee & then the caffeine woke me up.
DJ: Sleepy, I’m very sorry I left you, it’s just…
Sleepy: Just What?
DJ: It’s just that my closest friend Vinyl who was like a brother died. 
Sleepy: Oh… But still that doesn’t explain why you left me!!
DJ: I was afraid of…
Sleepy: Afraid of me leaving you? Or afraid of me bothering you?
DJ: No!! Let me finish what I was about to say! I was afraid that you can’t play any music.
Sleepy: Why didn’t you ask me in the first place?
DJ: I don’t know… I was scared that, somehow I would be put in a box and rust away and die.

But DJ, when you left me, I couldn’t stay awake. I was hella scared because my Dad could of committed suicide. I also wanted to go to my mother’s grave and give her the beautiful rose you gave me.


Why would your Dad do that?


Because…My mother died 2 days ago and I need to comfort my Dad & you know how much my Dad means to me. Since my mother died my Dad hasn’t been eating & he was drinking a lot lately.

DJ: Oh…
Sleepy: DJ, don’t you understand what I’m talking about? I need you to help me stay awake. Have you forgotten about my curse that nothing would be able to keep me awake except with the sound of the music you play.
DJ: No!! I still remember. I’m very sorry that I have done that to you, but now I really need you because it seems like you are gifted with vinyl’s skill of playing music.
Sleepy: (Thinks to himself) I have an idea.
DJ: What is it?
Sleepy: Since now you know that I have the skill of playing music and that only music that you play can wake me up, why don’t we both team up?
DJ: Yes. Good idea. If we teamed up you can stay awake and play music, earn money and live a normal life, and help your father not to commit suicide. Then I would be able to make people happy and I wouldn’t be forgotten and be put away in a box.
    The End.