A Play by Rondale Myles a.k.a. Deliosis

Performance: September 2003
Community School South, East Palo Alto

Smokey, a white pit bull, 8 months old, black spots on his stomach. He got wrinkles in his face. His ear is cut.
Tut, A black pit bull 2 years old, with white on his chest. Very muscular. Floppy ears, wrinkled face. 4 white paws.
Time: A Sunday morning. Foggy.
Place: A junkyard by a trailer. There’s cars, batteries, stereos, “No trespassing unless you are buying or getting help by the owner” sign. All quiet, except the radio playing The Isley Brothers song “Contagious”.
At Rise:
Smokey and Tut are sleeping on two car seats at Phil’s Junkyard. Phil is the junkyard owner, and the dog’s owner. Smokey really don’t like Phil cause Phil keeps him locked up to a leash. Smokey wakes Tut up.


Tut, wake up. I got something to tell you.


What is it now?

Smokey: I had a dream, about being free.

I don’t wanna hear these dreams! I’m tired of these dreams! All your dreams are about the same thing: day after day, to leave the junkyard and be free, to be on your own.


But these are my real dreams, these are things I want to accomplish in my life. The dream was about me, roaming the city streets, free…no owners, good food, everything man! I’m doing everything on my own. I had steaks, pork chops, stuff you’ll never get at this junkyard. All you get is some oily food, and some steroid water –

Tut: You can make this oily food and steroid water to taste like steaks and pork chops! All you gotta do is use your imagination: Man, we got it made! We don’t gotta go out and look for food; all we gotta do is watch this place –
Smokey: Imagine! How can you imagine some steak and pork chops out of some dirty water! I can’t even breathe, nothing but gas and oily air! I wanna be in a clean environment.

What you talking about, Smokey? This air is fresh, there ain’t nothing wrong with none of this air. This air smells all fresh, and new…

Smokey: You must be losing your senses! I think the gas has got your nose. Gone! Tut, why don’t you help me break out of here tonight? So I can be free from all this gas and oil, and explore my dreams.
Tut: Man I ain’t helping you get on out of here, you’d have gone crazy. What would Phil think if I help you leave up out of here? Phil be mad, man! He’ll come at me, I won’t get no oily food, no steroid water! I’ll be starving, just cause I help you get loose.
Smokey: If you come with me Tut, you won’t have to worry about eating oily food! You’d be eating steaks, pork chops, and chicken bones –
Tut: Smokey, that’s too much work, think about it: We’d have to walk around all day looking for food, not for sure we gonna git some food. Then you’d really gonna be wanting some oily food and some steroid water.
Smokey: Tut, what is you ‘fraid of, you scared to leave the junkyard?
Tut: No! I just don’t wanna leave. This is where I was born and raised. I ain’t never been out on my own.
Smokey: That’s why you need to go out and explore the world. So you can get a sense of what it means to feel like to be on your own.
Tut: Smokey, let’s just talk about it tonight, and I’ll see if I’m gonna help you get loose tonight.
Smokey: I’m tired of holding it off, I wanna talk right now. I’m not waiting no more. So are you gonna help me or not, to get outta my leash.
Tut: No I’m not gonna help you do nothing. Cause you ain’t going nowhere. You just don’t know how I feel. If you leave, I’ll be lonely. I’ll die of loneliness. And you’ll be out there just wandering the streets.
Smokey: Man, you’re a big dog. What you mean, die of loneliness? You still have Phil. Plus, I’m trying to explore my dreams, and you’re trying to hold me back! That’s no type of friend. You’re supposed to be there through all my problems, help me solve them. What would you do if your best friend was trying to hold you back from something? Would you just sit there or would you try to take action? So now I wanna be free, are you gonna help me get off this leash?

Smokey I have something to tell you. I didn’t want to tell you cause I thought you would pull away from me then stay like a close friend. I’m your big brother. Mom told me to watch over you. That’s why I don’t want you to leave.


You lying. How could you be my brother? We don’t look nothing alike. And plus mom died right after she had me…


I’m her son from the first litter, and I seen her while she was dying, and that’s when she had told me to watch over you, watch you like you was my own son. She said, as long I had you, I had her.

Smokey: So what am I supposed to do, just stay with you all my life? Just because you want to remember her through me? I can’t be with you all my life. Man, I wanna go out and have a family of my own, and what you gonna do, be right there on my side?
Tut: Yeah Smokey, I’m gonna be right there by your side. Every step you take. It doesn’t matter if you wanna be free. Do you not care for me? That’s why you wanna leave so bad?
Smokey: I care for you. But you just don’t know how I feel. I want to explore the world, have a family. I don’t wanna be in the junkyard all my life. I can’t see myself getting all old and gray and can’t move – the reason why I wanna see the world is because this junkyard is boring! I would like to experience a real dog’s life one day. I would like to be with an owner that loves and takes care of me, like a real owner’s supposed to. I would like to have kids to look after, then looking at old car parts. I would like to have kids to play with and kids to play with me. Because I’m not a guard dog and I can’t keep guarding the junkyard. At night I’m scared for the burglars cause I think they might take my life.
Tut: You want a family. You got a family, I’m your family. You have an owner that loves and cares for you. And what you mean you’re not a guard dog? You act like you’re more braver than me. And I know you like to play a lot. That probably why you want to be a regular old housedog.
Smokey: I’d rather be a regular old housedog than a junkyard dog. I get to protect people that actually care for me. All you protect is used cars and broken parts. That’s no type of family love or care.
Tut: You don’t feel love? When I’m with you? I try my best to make you feel love, but it seems like it just don’t work. Seems like you still want to leave, after all that I told you. Do you just think of yourself or do you think of others?
Smokey: I think of you. I think of how’d it be without you when I’m in the streets by myself. So don’t say I don’t think about everything we talk about. You really need to think about what I need in my life, since you are my big brother. You should be willing to see what I need in life, to be stronger and to move on. It’s already hard enough I’m not with mom.
Tut: Smokey, if you just stay a few more months and try to work it out, I feel we can make this work out. C’mon Smokey, all you have to do is trust in me.
Smokey: I really want to stay with you – but I feel it won’t work out for me… But I’ll try to stay with you just for a couple more months. But after them months go by, we will have to talk again about this situation. You will have to be willing to let me go and help me get outta my leash.
Tut: Okay Smokey, that’s all I ask. I have no problem helping you get off your leash. Now let’s go pull weights together.
I love you Smokey.
Smokey: I love you too.
(They go pull weights together, and then they break into Phil’s trailer and eat some real food.)
Tut: Smokey, how does it feel now to have some real food?
Smokey: It feels good. I see there is a change already…
    The End