A Play by Jessica S.

Performance: November, 2004
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Character: Amor, the emotion of love. Trapped, the emotion of depression. They have been around since the beginning of this young girl’s life.
Time: Noon. Near the holidays.
Place: It takes place inside an 18-year-old girl that just got placed in Juvenile Detention. Amor lives at the center of this young girl’s heart. But this play takes place where Trapped lives, a little under the heart in the small intestine.
At Rise: We see Trapped pacing back and forth rubbing his chin, talking to himself. It’s so dark it looks as if he were in a cave. It is cold and moist. And there are explosions of smoke that burst randomly all around him like he’s in the middle of a working machine.


Perfect. I couldn’t have planned it better myself. Now that the girl is in Juvenile Hall it doesn’t even matter if I have my secret weapons, Methamphetamines and addiction. Sure, they did create a great force field of numbness, but this is even better. What is more depressing then being in jail? She doesn’t even have to be on drugs to be depressed in here. (Yells) Irritated and Enraged, what are you doing just sitting there? This is a very critical time. Go, work you magic. Maybe we can get her really pissed off and have her talk back to the staff. (Evil Laugh) And you two, Helpless and Hopeless, get as close as you can to their power source. Try to strike directly in the middle of the heart. If you are able to do that then we are sure to hit her when she’s already down. We have to work fast while we still have the advantage. Ahh, it’s beginning to work. Look, it’s getting darker already. Yes!
(Lightening flashing. Evil background music. Amor enters in a cloud of smoke. Poof!


(Bellows in a loud and commanding voice.) Trapped! (Trapped gasps and looks over.) You need to stop what you’re doing. I’ve had enough of your foolishness.

Trapped: Amor. What are you doing here? You know you’re not allowed. I knew that once I didn’t have my force field anymore I’d start seeing your ugly face again.

Enough is enough! This is getting serious now….


Ah, what is it? Are you finally getting scared? Are you finally getting to realize how powerful I am? (He flexes his muscles.)

Amor: No matter how hard you try you will never be able to defeat me. This girl has to big a heart and my family is too strong. Your plan is going to fail. So you should just save us both the time and energy and just give up now.
Trapped: There is no way you can save the day now that she is in jail. There is no such thing as people being happy inhere. You might as well go take your light elsewhere.

You forget it is not only me and my family against you. We have her family on our side too.

Trapped: So what? My family and I are getting so strong that we can take you, we can take your family and we can take her family on as well. Nothing can stop me now!
Amor: Every time her family comes she is filled with a new ambition to go on. You can’t stop the family from coming and you can’t stop the light from growing.
Trapped: We’ll see about that. Maybe I’ll have my wife Hopelessness and my son Anger hit her with spouts of hurt and resentment. Then she’ll blow up at her parents, telling them not to come visit her anymore. On top of that she’ll feel the guilt that I send to her for taking it all out her parents.
Amor: You’re turning this girl into something she’s not. Just for your own selfish reasons and greed.
Trapped: It’s not just all about me. You have your family and I have mine. You have to do what you do to take care of your family. I have to do what I do to take care of mine. This little girl’s happiness doesn’t fit into my agenda.
Amor: No…you’re missing the point. Dark isn’t supposed to be stronger then light. You’re upsetting the balance of everything.

What are you talking about? You’re just trying to use your little mind games to trick me.

Amor: Why do you think I’ve always been the one in charge of the heart? Why do you think I’ve lived so much longer then you?
Trapped: I’m not as dumb as you think I am.

No, I’m not trying to trick you. I’m trying to help you see the bigger picture. If you did overpower me, and you were able to take over the heart, what exactly is the next step of your plan?


Then me, my family, will live happily ever after. And unfortunately for you, you and your family just won’t be around anymore. Don’t worry, I’ll think of you from time to time. You’ll always have a special place in my heart. Not!


Ah-ha…yeah, I guess things would be pretty sweet for you if your plan was actually possible….


What are you trying to get at here Amor? Come on, just spit it out already.

Amor: Well you forgot one minor detail…you see, if you take away all the Light…all the passion…all the power that I feed into this girl’s heart. Her soul would have no reason to go on.
Trapped: Yeah…and your point is?
Amor: (Sigh) In short, this girl would cease to exist and so would you! Because after all…what is a heart without love?
Trapped: A heart without Love is a lot better a world without me! If what you’re saying is true…then it has to work the other way around as well.
Amor: Explain yourself.
Trapped: If the world was all sunshine and no darkness then people wouldn’t learn to appreciate the light. You have to experience pain in order to appreciate joy. It’s as simple as that!
Amor: That’s it! That’s what I’ve been trying to explain to you all along, so you realize now that if we just work together…
Trapped: (Interrupts) Work together? Wait a minute. I never said anything about that. I’d never work with you.
Amor: I was afraid of this…you give me no choice Trapped! It is obvious to me…you yourself have never truly experienced what it really feels like to Love. I change people by giving part of my power to them…How would you like to have some of my power?
Trapped: You would give me…some of your power?
Amor: Yes I would…but you have to be totally accepting and willing to receive all that I have to give you.
Trapped: Yes…why yes of course I accept all the power you choose to give me Amor. That’s very generous of you. Please feel free to give me as much power as you want. Ahhhhh. (Evil laugh to himself.)
Amor: (Amor begins to loosen up, stretching out, rubbing his hands together.) Alright, here it comes.
Trapped: (Trapped starts backing up, looking scared.) Wait. What’s happening Amor? You’re getting brighter. Wait. Noooooo. (Holding one hand over his heart, and on over his eyes. He falls to his knees. His voice changes.) Wait, what did you do to me? (Holding his heart.) I feel like a big heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel different. (Beat) I feel new and, I think, I think I like it.
Amor: Are you sure?
Trapped: What did you do to me?
Amor: I did exactly what I said I would. I gave you some of my power. I gave the darkness some light. I gave you love.
(Trapped looks stunned.)
You see, I used your greedy ways against you. I know that anything having to do with getting more power, or getting one over on me, you would instantly accept.
Trapped: You, you what? But the worst part is I don’t hate you for it. I even (beat) understand why you did it.
Amor: Of course, by giving my power I gave you love, understanding, acceptance. That is what love is. Now, once you have experienced what it means to love there is no way you can go back to being as dark as you once were.
Trapped: You know, I don’t think I want to.
(Trapped looks in wonder. Love nods and smiles in agreement.)
Black Out
    The End.