A Play by Camille W.

Performance: May, 2004
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Time: sunrise
Place: Czech Republic Bedroom
At rise: Phoenix, 11 years old, asleep. Angel, 17 years old, asleep. They’re on opposite sides of a room they rent..


Man its so early, i’m really tired.


You’re right it is early so go back to bed you baby.

Phoenix: (yelling and bratty)
You go back to bed, i’m gonna make breakfast for me only. Some eggs, bacon, biscuit’n’gravy and hashbrown. Mmm, sounds delicious doesn’t it, Angel?

(serious and sarcastic)
Well it does sound good, but i’m tired because unlike you i do something during the day.Well actually it does sound so appetizing that i’m gonna make some also for myself.


You cant! There won’t be enough space in the kitchen. Besides i thought of it first.

Angel: (stern)
Say what you want i’m still gonna make it. i’m gonna go to work, be back at noon.
Time: afternoon, same day
Place: the kitchen
At rise: Phoenix and Angel have moved to the kitchen.

(serious and sad)
Yesterday i looked up on the internet Carol’s Foster Home. i found my sister Stella there but they said she got transferred to another foster home and changed her name. i don’t know what to do.

Phoenix: (sympathetic)
i don’t know what to say.
i mean if you need help i’ll help you. Well i never told you but at home i look up my sister and all i can find out is she is 17 years old.
Angel: (confused)
How did you find this out, when you don’t know anything about her?


Time: 1 minute later
Place: lounge
At rise: Angel and Phoenix have moved to the kitchen.

Phoenix: (serious and shy)
Well i looked up my parents and all it said was that they had two girls me and my sister. It didn’t say a name for some reason. it says that she took care of herself after her parents lost custody of her and their other daughter.


Angel: Why did you look up your family?
Phoenix: (mad and sarcastic)
You can look up your family but i can’t? i have a right to know my family also. You don’t know me. You don’t know nothing about me. So don’t tell me what to do and don’t question me.
Angel: (irritated)
Phoenix please, i don’t want to argue anymore. i mean we’re having a sophisticated discussion right now. Stop jumping to conclusions and being so defensive. I was just asking a simple question, so i could help you if you are really serious about finding them.

(serious and emotional)
Well i am serious i want to find my sister. But the thing is what if she has changed so much i don’t even recognize her, let alone know her, even if she’s right there? i don’t want to find my parents but they’re the only lead to my sister. Come on now, my parents were never there for me but my sister was.

Angel: Well for me i want to reconcile with my sister and try to make up for lost time. That is if she let’s me.
Phoenix: What do you mean?
Angel: Basically what i’m saying is that i want her back, but what if she doesn’t want me back in her life actively?
Phoenix: i know what you mean but you won’t know until you meet her again and find out. That’s what i’m doing. That’s why i’m trying to find my sister also. To face my fears and reach my wish. OH MY GOD i just sounded like an adult, huh?
Angel: Yes you did Phoenix. i’m very proud of your maturity and understanding. Thanx for your advice it really helped. You’re right people have to take risk and not be so cautious all the time. Thank you.
Phoenix: Your welcome, Square Bear.
Time: next day, 7:30 pm
Place: Library
At rise: Angel and Phoenix
Angel: (excited)
Phoenix i found another clue. My sister moved to the Czech Republic because that’s her favorite country. She’s in the city Prague. i moved here because i remember her saying that.
Phoenix: That’s great, Smarty Pants. But the only clue i found was that the last recording of my sister is that she’s still in Long Beach. It’s so pretty and fun, i miss it there.
Angel: Wow! i used to live in Long Beach also on Sunset near the Compton border. Where did you live?
Phoenix: i don’t know? i was so young, what i was six years old! All i know is that i lived in Long Beach. Man not everyone is a perfectionist like you.
Angel: Whoa! What’s with the attitude Phoenix. i just wanted to know where, see if we had more in common about our past. That’s all.
Phoenix: Well it sounded like you were accusing me of being a liar. Like i’d lie where i’m from.
Angel: There you go again, being defensive. i was simply asking. That’s all.
Phoenix: Fine. i just got mad because i don’t know exactly where i’m from. So i get defensive, it’s like i’m not from anywhere. i have no childhood memories. Except for maybe two, that i cherish and dream about.
Angel: i’m sorry. i didn’t know this.
Phoenix: it’s fine. it doesn’t matter.
Angel: Sure it does Phoenix. Would you like to share with me what your memories are. It would be good for us to finally open up and stop putting up a front.
Phoenix: i could, but i don’t know. They’re personal and so deep. My secrets.
Angel: You don’t have to, but maybe it will help and besides you could tell me, we are like family.
Phoenix: i’ll tell when i’m ready to, alright?
Angel: Sure. You can trust me always Phoenix, don’t forget that.
Time: 8:00 am, the next day
Place: bedroom
At rise: Angel and Phoenix have just woken up.
Phoenix: Angel you remember yesterday about my memories, i’m ready to tell you about them.
Angel: Great. Sit down.
Phoenix: Well my first memory is my sister and me on the beach and we are building sand castles. There was this bright big sun just shining on us and both of us just smiling, blocking the sand castle so it doesn’t break from the waves. That memory is great and i think of this when i’m mad or ready to give up.
Angel: That’s beautiful. What’s your second memory.
Phoenix: This one is sad and one reason i don’t care for my parents. My sister and i were on the brown couch cuddling each other while my mom and dad are fighting and my dad so drunk, beating my mom.
Angel: You know what’s weird, i have the same memories but more like i remember my sister being taken away and me crying out for her to come back. The dust of the road was going in my face, the sun glaring the sight and my sister was kicking, screaming, and crying. She was trying to get away. Back to me.
In a way i feel like that she is back, in you.
Phoenix: So do i Angel. We fight and make up the same past of what we know, and we happen to be in the same place. Not only that but my name changed, who knows what it could have been. Too many coincidences, should have seen it before. Doesn’t matter though we have each other now and i’ll never leave you Angel, i promise.
    The End.