by Mario G.


Mario’s Play 1 07/03/14


EORO07/03/14 2:15 PM


Tidy, the Ocean – female, age 22


Setting: An abandoned island in the Dominican Republic, surrounded by beautiful 


baby blue see-through water. Coconut trees, vibrant, colorful plants and gold 


At Rise: A mile from the island, you see a star on the sand almost like the size of a 


basketball, and the island is surrounded by smooth baby blue tides.




WHOA, I’m feeling kinda chilly, thick grey clouds on a summer day – hmm. That 


doesn’t seem right. The wind is kicking that doesn’t seem right either.




(Smoothly, but rushing in) Hugh- hugh – Hi – 


Mario’s Play 2 07/03/14


EORO07/03/14 2:15 PM




(He looks around but doesn’t see nothing.) Is that you wind? . . . ahh, guess not.






(Sarcastically) Yea, right, I guess my long lost love, first the cracking, second the 




(She’s at a distance) My baby, my baby, what’s wrong with him – I’m seeing 


his flame shoot up and shoot down, is he okay, I don’t think he can hear me, he 


thinks I’m a ghost or does he think that I’m scary and he’s panicking, what doesn’t 


kill me makes me stronger (with a big smile she goes back in to the shore). Hey 


hubby, it’s me your baby blue crystal clear estrella.




(Laughing) What? Who are you?


Mario’s Play 3 07/03/14


EORO07/03/14 2:15 PM




I’m your secret admirer, just look down, and you’ll see my stunning beauty.




Wow! You look – (Tremendous cracking – Changing colors) 


You like that, huh? They call me – – 






What, what, what? You’re using those words already, but you never seen me or 




Oh, yes I have – I’ve been stunned by your rays for the past weeks already.




And just by looking at me you fell in love?


Mario’s Play 4 07/03/14


EORO07/03/14 2:15 PM






Whoa – I guess I still got it, but you never seen me in my full potential colors.




I don’t have to see you in your full color to see that you’re special, I’ve also 


come close to you a couple times but you might’ve not recognized me because I 


blushed see-through blue every time I came near you . . .




That – that might’ve explained why I’ve been cracking! Wait – stare at me – 


(They look at each other. Campfire starts cracking a lot.)


You? I knew when I looked in the ocean. I saw the reflection of the sunset, 


surrounded by layers of pink, light red and baby blue clouds, but that doesn’t 




(Smiling) I knew you were special!


Mario’s Play 5 07/03/14


EORO07/03/14 2:15 PM




Help me! The wind is blowing me away!




I will my love! (She becomes a wall to block the wind.) I can’t hold it for much 




Think of an idea because I want to grow old with you – 




I’ll do anything for you baaaabyyyyy —— (She comes in like a tsunami, turning 


like the bottom of a tornado and clashes with Campfire. They start morphing 


into the Peace symbol and Yin and Yang, floating up – they explode, and after 


the clouds clear up, you see the radiant shiny rays of the Yin and Yang symbol. It 




Mario’s Play 6 07/03/14


EORO07/03/14 2:15 PM




MONOLOGUE #1/ Campfire


So, I am glowing now, cracking more than usual. Hmmm . . . I guess I’m star 


struck, I feel radiant. (Campfire is shifting from view to view.) Something keeps 


pulling my sight towards a beautiful picture almost like looking at a giant waterfall 


and hearing the water come down. (Snapping back to reality.) I’m looking at 


myself now wondering why I got so big, I’m at the tippy top of my fire feeling 


10 feet high. Ehh, I guess I got a problem needing an answer but I’ll save it for 


another day. (Campfire is los in deep meditation. He turns into vibrant red and 


orange coals. Awakened by his thirst, he takes an enormous drink of oxygen. 


Yawning -) What? Ahh, I’m back to my vibrant, dim, peaceful colors as when I got 


lost in my thoughts – I was looking at a picture I never get tired of which was like 


seeing a sun at 6pm, surrounded by layered, pink, light red and baby blue clouds. 


– Why don’t I – I’m so confused about the way I see the ocean because it turns 


to masterpieces. I am hesitant to discover what emotions are because I would 


be opening a realm of feelings I never thought existed. So, I’m tired of watching 


myself crack, the feeling is pleasant but it frustrates me not understanding what 


Mario’s Play 7 07/03/14


EORO07/03/14 2:15 PM


it means, it stops me from eating and drinking oxygen. I see my flames getting 


thin all because frustration has a hold on me, it irritates me being vulnerable to – I 


don’t know – I’m stuck. I don’t really like thinking too hard, it makes me feel like 


I am stuck on quick sand and I am trying to get out but I keep sinking more and 


more. Ehh – I’ll just save it for another day again – 


Mario’s Play 8 07/03/14


EORO07/03/14 2:15 PM




So, I got a problem and I am helplessly in love with someone who [I] am pretty 


sure never seen me. I don’t know – I love him, I love him, I can’t stop thinking of 


him. I don’t know why or how it came to be, I create big tides just so I can have 


a chance to be close to him, I blush blue see-through water every time I think he 


even looks like he glances at me. I know me and him can make it work like the Yin 


and Yang symbol, me and him MUST find our balance, me and him can find our 


pros and cons but I’ll just keep the pros and throw out the cons – I don’t know – 


I told myself I’ll never be in love again but I couldn’t even help it or fight it. His 


shiny, vibrant, peaceful colors just melted me like ice cream on a hot summer day. 


You know what, I am just going to take a leap of faith and I don’t care if he likes 


me or not. My water is just going to – I don’t know – I’m going to jump on top of 


his flame and me and him are just going to evaporate and he’s going to get put 


out and my biggest desire of me and him growing old together will come true – 


but no – I want to hear his voice – what if he really does like me and he feels the 


same way – no – just jump on him – no, but I can’t do that to my only love . . . 


Mario’s Play 9 07/03/14


EORO07/03/14 2:15 PM