You Only Find Love Once




Written By: Shaquille D.

Mentored By: Javier R.

Program: Each One Reach One

Date: Feb 27th– Mar 10th, 2012

                             Description: Friends; how many of us have them?



By Shaquille D.



CHARACTERS: Loverboy Larry da Leopard, Male, age 19

                                    Choose Up Chuck da Cheetah, Male, age 19

                                    (Larry’s Best friend)


            SETTING: In the Cracking cave near the jungle.There are rocks and bones on the ground. You hear water dripping from the ceiling.  You feel a rugged surface beneath you.


                    TIME:10:30 pm



              AT RISE: Larry and Chuck are having a discussion in front of the cracking cave



Yo, I got this problem.  I’m about to go nap nap for a longtime. But it’s this tenderoni out in the jungle that I’m in love with.  We got history; we go way back like four flats on a Cadillac.  Nah, we go further back then Lebron James

hairline.  When we was cubs I had a crush on her, but I never knew how to express my feelings. Then I lost touch with her for years. But when I saw her again, I knew I had to have her.  Is it the way she smiles or the way she walks?  They way she think or the way she talks?  I don’t know what it is, but every time she steps in the room my heart starts to race like nascar. And she smells better than a bouquet of roses. I have this best friend named Choose up Chuck the Cheetah and he means the world to me. He’s like the brother I never had. Every time I had a problem, he was there to help me get through it.  And never left me on stuck.  I know they say homie over lovers, but she’s more than just a lover.  I can’t get rid of him for her because we both have been through hell and back.  But she my boo thang, my baby, my ride or die and my other half.  But she ready to get up and go. I can’t let that go down.  I need my boy to get up of his tail and go to her cave and give her this damn message. You only find love once.  




Real talk. I got this broham named Loverboy Larry the Leopard.  We’ve been rocking for years.  But he got this real bad leopard and I know she feeling me too.  He don’t know what to do with that.  I mean, he a lover type cat. She needs a more aggressive, humble and smooth type cat like me.  I remember one time I tried to tell him that, but he started flipping out, hyperventilating and stuff. Looking at me like I’m the bad guy.  I mean I feel a tad bit guilty…SIKE!  I know he got strong feelings for her and he’d be devastated if he found out I got feelings for her too.  But he gotta fall back jack.  He’s over here asking me; ME out of all people to send this message to the one I love? Uh-Uh SOR-RY!  I know he’s my boy, but he’s getting in the way and I got to set him straight.   I don’t want to

throw our friendship away,  but if this is how it’s supposed to be; then so be it.




Larry and chuck begin to talk


                                                                           Wassup bruh?





Hey, you know Layla right?




Yeah, what about her?


                                                                    She’s leaving next week



And… what?




You know I’m in love with her brah




So…get to the point



I need you to send her this message for me because I’m

about to go nap nap







Hibernation you fur ball. I got these words to get off my

 chest before she gets up and leave.




She’s not even feeling you like that



What? C’mon bru. You acting like you like her or something



There is a pause in between them




I mean, forget it… N-N-NOTHIN. So how was your day?




What the hell do you mean how is my day?  You’ve been

acting funny ever since I brought up Layla’s name into the

convo.  (Pause) Wait a minute; you A-R-E feeling her




I didn’t…I didn’t mean for it to go down like this. We’ve

been rocking for years.  I just can’t hold my feelings back

for Layla anymore.  I’ve been lurking in the shadows for

too long



OOOH I can’t believe it. I was feeling her first. I went in

and made major moves.  Then here you go trying to be like

me.  Talking about you got feelings for her too.


You and Layla were meant to be just friends.  Her and me

were meant to be lovers




Bruh, let me break it down to you like this. You can’t be

faithful (TSSSP) you a CHEE-TAH




And a leopard can’t change his spots



I don’t even ask you for a lot.  Do you remember back when

I saved you from those hyenas?  You were sweating like the

Black Mamba in the fourth quarter, crunch time. You remember what you said after that?


Okay…I said you was my best friend and that I’d do anything

in the world for you




Yeah, ANYTHING! With that being said, I want you to tell

Layla that I love her with all my heart and say it like

this (sings) PLEASE DON’T GO, PLEASE DON’T GO. So, you

think you can put aside your feelings and do this one time

for your boy? After all we been through…




Ok, I’ll think about it




                                                            TO BE CONTINUED