Service Learning is a method of teaching that combines classroom instruction with meaningful community service. This form of learning emphasizes critical thinking and personal reflection while encouraging a heightened sense of community, civic engagement, and personal responsibility. The Community Service Act of 1990, which authorized the Learn and Serve America grant program, defines service learning as: “a philosophy, pedagogy, and model for community development that is used as an instructional strategy to meet learning goals and/or content standards.”

“Service-learning is a form of experiential education in which students engage in activities that address human and community needs together with structured opportunities for reflection designed to achieve desired learning outcomes.” (Jacoby, Service-Learning in Higher Education, 1996)

BT Express

BT Express is a court-mandated community service program that takes a service learning approach. BT effectively assists participants by advancing learning techniques through active participation in the service experience. By combining BT’s specially written curriculum with community service, student lessons are reinforced, helping students to become experts in the curriculum content. As a result, they are able to make an association between what they are learning and actual real world applications that may apply. Additionally, service learning program participants usually experience improved grades and higher attendance rates in school and at work.

Service Learning also develops the personality and social responsibility of students. BT Express participants are often eager to make use of their newfound knowledge and skills in real-life settings. They benefit from the improved service skills they may derive from their participation in community stewardship and civic action. If the learning process is linked with service, it will show the way for multifaceted education. Service learning strengthens the community, enriches the learning process, and teaches the civic responsibility.

BT Express is an open entry, open exit program that meets Saturdays from 8:00-1:00. If you are interested in fulfilling your community service obligation from the courts or if you’d like to refer as client or your young person, contact Taesha Walker for more information at or 415-753-4452.

Volunteer & Internship

Volunteer & Internship Opportunities are also available through Success Center SF. Success Center SF has partnerships with City College of SF, University of SF and California State University East Bay and serves as field supervisor for internships in schools of Social Worker, Mental Health, Criminal Justice, Public Health, Child Development and Public Administration. As well, we partner with businesses as well and retired professionals who serve as tutors, workshop presenters, job developers or arrange support corporate days of volunteering to lead community cleanups or resource fairs to name a few. Orientations for volunteers and interns are held on the first Thursdays of the month at 10am.

Interested persons should contact Taesha Walker, at 415-753-4452 or