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Success Centers has been called one of the best-kept secrets in the San Francisco Bay Area. That is changing quickly as our visibility grows. Leading corporate citizens like Gensler, Kaiser Permanente, and Microsoft have recently made major investments in Success Centers. We value sponsors of all sizes, we welcome support in any amount, and we will work with you on a mutually-beneficial arrangement. When you become a Sponsor of Success Centers, you:

  • Create opportunities for more than 2,500 people annually
  • Foster equity and reduce the impact of systemic racism
  • Ally with a Black-led community-based organization with a 40-year history
  • Connect with like-minded people striving to make a better world for all


Who, why, and how we serve.

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Our Chief Executive Officer, Liz Jackson-Simpson.

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Our stories.

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We will celebrate and promote your investment in our community. Possibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • E-blasts: We can highlight your support as part of our routine, program-focused e-blasts (3,500 addresses).
  • Website: We can acknowledge you on our Sponsors list, embed your logo with live link on our website (and furnish our logo to you to embed on your website), and publish a story or press release highlighting your support.
  • Social Media: We can acknowledge your support on Facebook (1,100), Twitter (500), Instagram (700), and LinkedIn (250).
  • Donors: We can promote your support in our donor e-newsletter (400).
  • Events: We can acknowledge you as a sponsor of one or more of the many events we hold every year and make presentations at your worksite.

We are of the community, by the community, and for the community. And we need you.


To discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact Mark Hernandez, Director of Philanthropy, at 415-653-9596 or

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