February 2017 was a big month at the Success Center. Three new outstanding professionals have joined the Employment team beefing up the current staff to 10 employment specialists.

Patricia Tu the Success Center SF Director, worked hard to find the Job Developer, Recruiter and the Career Advisor that exhibited just the right blend of skill, passion and experience to round out the already effective crew. After posting the positions last November, the interview team selected ten candidates for the interview process. Each candidate was vetted and cross referenced twice to make sure the best choice was made. After much consternation the smoke cleared and the final three were chosen to lead our squad into the battle against unemployment.

Meet the SCSF’s New Employment Team

Career Advisor Dominique Stean is a 28 year old, who grew up in the Foster care system but prevailed by attending Antioch High School and continued her education specializing in Early Childhood Development at Los Medanos College. She has been working since she was 16 years old and has always enjoyed working directly with clients.

Most recently, Dominique was a Supervisor for a Debt Management company in Livermore.. She is new to the Workforce Development field but has transitioned smoothly with job placement of two of her clients during her first two weeks. “I love it already, and getting to help those in need is benefit enough for me,” said Dominique. She has already shown that she’s a great addition to the team.

Diana Velasquez our new recruiter loves helping people and loves her job. Diana studied Criminal Justice at Heald College. She formally worked as the front office coordinator at Express Pros Staffing Agency. She also served as a recruiter for Labor Ready as a recruiter beforejoining us here at Success Center SF. Diana also owned and operated her own daycare center.

Diana is the proud mother of two daughters and is a producer of fine wines with her partner in her spare time.


Our new Job Developer Keith Hazell is on his second tour of duty at Success Center. Keith helped open the Center back in 2013. He brings 25 years of community service to the table with stints at Ella Hill Hutch, Booker T. Washington, YCD and the Private Industry Council to name just a few of the non-profit organizations in the community where he has worked

A graduate of Galileo High School and New College of California, Keith also played professional basketball in Argentina, France and Germany.

Keith grew up in the Western Addition and is thrilled to be back in the ‘hood’ and being part of the solution.

Be sure to drop in and say hello to our team. We will continue to provide employment solutions for the Western Addition and the City of San Francisco.

By Keith Hazell