YouHow to share your accomplishments so you stand out to a potential employer

When presenting your skills or the value you bring to a company, use concise statements that briefly describe the value you can bring to an organization. Highlight a strength you have, and show how you have used that strength to achieve results. This kind of statement is basically referred to as a Power Statement, or as I like to call “Your Value Statement”.

Presenting facts about your skills and experience has nothing to do with bragging; it allows others to understand how you’ve added value to your past employers and how you could bring value to their organization. Power Statements strengthen interviews, resumes, and thank-you letters and can help you build a case for your next promotion.


When highlighting your strengths use “Power Words” or positive words or short phrases describing you such as:

Creative Decisive
Results-oriented Productive
Motivated Problem-solver
Decisive Resourceful
Persistent Organized


When you describe an achievement, you may include:

Below are some examples of different types of achievements you could share:



For entry level job seekers:

Be sincere about your achievements, and do not explain every detail. Be brief, but share enough so you build interest to whomever you’re talking to. Remember this is not necessarily about an interview, a promotion or for that matter anyone else. It’s about you and the Value of YOU.

For those having a hard time thinking of the value you bring to an employer. Reach out to five friends and then five previous co-workers. Ask them if they can list just five positive things about you? Limit the request to just five because you will be amazed at what your friends and work colleagues tell you.. After writing them down, take some time to develop your Value Statement using what others have said about you.

This is about you and the value of YOU and setting yourself apart from other job seekers.

by Troy Henry