success clipart1My first encounter with Taesha Walker was when I was interviewing candidates at a JobsNow Job Fair. Taesha was one of 5 applicants I interviewed that day for an Administrative Assistant position at Success Center SF. What stood out the most to me about her was her determination and drive to be the best parent she could be for her two young sons. The following week she came to the Success Center for a second interview with staff member Jermaine and a youth in the GED program who was participating in the interview process.

During the interview the youth asked Taesha why she wanted to work with the organization. He noted that she was not much older than many of the youth she’d be working with. Taesha responded by saying that “she grow up in the foster care system and wanted to give back to the community.” She wanted to help other youth avoid some of the experiences she and others had to endure.

That following week Taesha was hired for the Administrative Assistant position at Success Center SF. She has been a tremendous asset to the organization ever since. Within her first month on the job she developed a new filing system not only for our Early Moring Study Academy, but also for our Job Development program. She regularly attends our Job Readiness Training to improve her interview skills, and also participates in the Social Innovations Group and the BT Express on Saturdays. She also participated in our summer program where youth learned playwriting and created murals.

Taesha is not just a staff member — she is someone who is striving to be a positive role model not only to her children but to the community at large.

It is for that, and many other reasons, that I am so pleased to announce that when Taesha’s internship was completed with JobsNow she was able to come aboard the Success Center SF to train as our new Administrative Accounting Assistant.

by Tracy Green